Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plan of Attack

According to what I now understand is that I will be making tres videos to help document my experiences this semseter; the content varies from personal to professional to public. So essentially, I'm beginning planning the easiest the personal engagement. I'm thinking that the personal and professional might actually make a nice transition since I'm thinking of focusing on my personal experiences with the slow, relaxed social schedule of Spain from the way they casually indulge in tapas and sangria for hours to the oh so-flexible-it-is-barely-there time schedule of Spaniards lives. This laid back schedule contrasts sharply with the go-go-go mentality of the average American who values hard unflagging work. This feeds in nicely with the professional aspect that I've noticed in the Spanish way of design. To relate to architecture, one could compare the 3 projects Clemson students tend to do in a semester with the 1 project Spanish students complete in a semester. In Spain, the world of design is very detailed but doesn't seem to have the same rigorous timetable that it does in America, the work comes on a much less forced schedule which results in very different types of work. I really liked Bethany's video of her the ''au pair experience'' she had and found the video very interesting because it seemed very personal and yet professionally informative. I want to acheive the same kind of duality in my video.
I don't know I'll have to continue to develop these ideas but that is just what initially came to mind. I also haven't chosen a social or political issue to explore in the final video either. Over the next week or so I'll be working to better organize my thoughts and methods for conveying them in a storyboard.

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  1. I encourage the crossing of lines - allowing the professional to be informed by the personal, etc. - much like the stolons interweave to form cultural meaning. (Of course, you'll still have three projects since we are the go, go, go American University we are...)