Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Videos:

This is my video about the differences in studying architecture at Clemson University and studying in Barcelona.

This is another small video about the slow paced lifestyle of living in Barcelona and the novelty of living in a metropolitan city with a small town paced life.


Well, I'm back in the States. Feels so strange to be back in a place that was supposed to be so familiar and now seems completely different. I guess it's not the place, maybe it's a little of me that's different. Anyway, I've been trying to upload my videos that I made this week, but I've been having technical difficulties and such so last night I separated myself from the frustration and am trying again this morning, a little late but better late than never.
I've uploaded them to my youtube account and here's a link to the first one:

"I miss butter"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Professional Issue Video

When it comes to architecture in Spain, it's a safe haven for creative minds. Building codes that typically restrict architects' ideas but here in Europe, architecture flourishes within a vibrancy only able to exist in a world without strict codes. Just like the professional world differs, the academic atmosphere is very different here in Espanya. At home, we are bombarded with talk of ''studio culture'' you know the type of culture that consists of endless days that turn into nights that turn into days again pouring over drawings and models in the studio with your classmates, eating copious amonts of fast food and pouring coffee into our systems. Here, my experience has been a little different; for starters the studio closes, that's right  closes, at 9 pm and never even opens up on weekends. What does that mean for me? No all-nighters or wasted sunny Saturday afternoons in studio! For my professional issues video, I've decided to expand upon these differences and similiarities to analyze if studio culture is universal for all architecture students.
Here's the link to my prezi mind mapping if you have any ideas

Public Issues video

It may sound a little redundant but what Spain has  really enamored me with in a cultural sense is that laid back lifestyle here. Everyone's happiness and leisurely state of mind is contagious. It's a refreshing energy here that's seems to exude healthiness making such a stark contrast to the rigorously fast paced American lifestyle. To organize my thoughts I've put together a generalized prezi to get my mind going in the right direction for the video documenting these ideas.

Personal VIdeo Idea..

It finally occurred to me, what I wanted to focus on for my personal video documenting Barcelona.
My professional and public issues have a lot of "me" in them and to be honest, they are the subjects that I'm truly interested in and have captured the essence of my Catalan experience here but there is one very important life aspect that I haven't mentioned in my previous blogs- that is Spain's obsession with olives.
Olives are everywhere here! And if they're not olives, it's olive oils! They put it on everything! I must say, this absolutely thrilled me when I first got here, because its use is so abundant when back home it's outrageously expensive and never used but after 4 months now of pouring olive oil into my body I feel like it's oozing out my pores so I decided to base one of my videos on it.
To brainstorm how I will organize the video I made a little prezi, mostly because it's fun, but decided to share it with you guys if you were at all interested or more importantly had any ideas to make it more thorough or even just more entertaining. :)