Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Professional Issue Video

When it comes to architecture in Spain, it's a safe haven for creative minds. Building codes that typically restrict architects' ideas but here in Europe, architecture flourishes within a vibrancy only able to exist in a world without strict codes. Just like the professional world differs, the academic atmosphere is very different here in Espanya. At home, we are bombarded with talk of ''studio culture'' you know the type of culture that consists of endless days that turn into nights that turn into days again pouring over drawings and models in the studio with your classmates, eating copious amonts of fast food and pouring coffee into our systems. Here, my experience has been a little different; for starters the studio closes, that's right  closes, at 9 pm and never even opens up on weekends. What does that mean for me? No all-nighters or wasted sunny Saturday afternoons in studio! For my professional issues video, I've decided to expand upon these differences and similiarities to analyze if studio culture is universal for all architecture students.
Here's the link to my prezi mind mapping if you have any ideas

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